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2019/2020 Season to begin October 28th

A Huge Welcome and Hello to everyone!

We haven't even started yet there are already so many reasons to believe this season will be the best yet!

Rookies: WOW this is the most skilled crop of rookies we've seen in years!!!

Returnees: We believe that we have the best league and it appears so do you! So many players that were off over the last year or few have returned back for the upcoming season! Welcome back boys!

Competition: Zero doubt this is the most talented 42 players we have seen in the last decade! This season is going to be nuts!

Goalies: Guys, learn to love these goalies. They will save you LOL!

Best of luck to everyone, and please remember to be safe and respectful out there; value camaraderie over competition, community over conflict and smiling over winning. The spirit of the league is greater than any individual.

And, please click on the rosters tab to see which team you are on.

(Note: there was indeed news in 2018/2019 but it just never made it to the website....Here's a summary: We played the season, played the playoffs, one team won, five did not and we had a lot of fun along the way)!!

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Next Games

October 28, 2019
6:45pm YELLOW vs. RED
8:00pm BLACK vs. PURPLE
9:15pm GREEN vs. BLUE
No games completed.

Scoring Leaders

No games played.

Goaltending Leaders

No games have been played.

Juranka's Corner

Early Season Predictions

Regular Season Champ: Blue
Playoff Champ: Green
Post Game Bar Appearances: Purple