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Fantastic Gap. Common Space

Offence is trending. Big time! Everything is rushing in. We are getting a sense of connectedness on the floor that's exclusive and tight, but definitely not dangerous! You gotta love what's happening between the lines fellas! Way to go with the fantastic start :)

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Next Games

November 18, 2019
6:45pm BLUE vs. WHITE
8:00pm RED vs. GREEN
9:15pm GREY vs. BLACK
November 11, 2019 Results
6:45pm GREY 7 vs GREEN 7
8:00pm WHITE 5 vs BLACK 4
9:15pm RED 9 vs BLUE 6

Scoring Leaders

David Blumberger13G4A17PTS
Dave Lantz11G6A17PTS
Jordan Reznick11G4A15PTS
Dan Paupera4G10A14PTS
Jeff Silver7G6A13PTS
Dino Cavallo7G5A12PTS
Ethan Manes5G7A12PTS
Jason Applebaum7G2A9PTS
Andrew Kerr6G3A9PTS
Jeff Tennebaum3G6A9PTS

Goaltending Leaders

Brooks Ash43.600.600
Josh Dornan33.000.667
Jesse Zuker23.400.400

Juranka's Corner

Tommy played goal the first game. He started with a regular player stick and was lights out. Later, he moved to the more conventional goalie stick and started letting a few by.....His XS junior trapper was intermittently interchanged with a baseball glove. If someone can please offer some insight into Tommy's tactical equipment decisions, please circle back to the Corner and let us know...