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Jerseys Are Here

Of course, they would show up Tuesday morning as opposed to Monday, but at least everyone will be sporting brand new Jerseys next week.

Eric, this will now be your lucky shirt. Can I have my Athletics Staff shirt back now?

Last night's games had mostly everything. Blue vs Green and Red vs Black were both nail-biters! Some great goaltending and some terrific offensive plays.

Purple suffered at the hands of Yellow. Manny and Les were absent and that hurt. Yellow had a full-house

Next week, show up EARLY for your game so we can give out the Jerseys to the team. Anson will not be here so Brian will be your referee.

~Phil Knight

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Next Games

November 20, 2017
6:45pm RED vs. GREEN
8:00pm PURPLE vs. BLACK
9:15pm YELLOW vs. BLUE
December 4, 2017 Results
6:45pm BLUE 5 vs GREEN 3
8:00pm YELLOW 14 vs PURPLE 3
9:15pm BLACK 9 vs RED 7

Scoring Leaders

Jeff Silver25G29A54PTS
Dave Lantz30G22A52PTS
David Blumberger22G24A46PTS
Josh Wilder22G15A37PTS
Steven Goulet20G14A34PTS
Andrew Chris10G15A25PTS
Dino Cavallo13G11A24PTS
Isaac Gould14G9A23PTS
Jon Tafler11G12A23PTS
Paul Chodriker14G8A22PTS

Goaltending Leaders

Jesse Zuker102.750.719
Replacement Two84.230.386
Ryan "The Commissioner" Strauss73.670.625

Juranka's Corner

first an apology for
this very late release
for this instalment

it was written as is
on the eve of the championship

then it was lost and found
and here it is…

morgan had flu..
scorekeeper mark back in net
after a strong performnce
the week before..