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JCC Wednesday Night Pick-Up Ball Hockey Tonight Nov.12 (2003)

I forgot to mention
in monday night's newsletter

that the JCC has dropped
their Wednesday night indoor soccer
opening up that time slot
for Ball Hockey (our game)

and its free
for goalies and JCC members
and only $5
for Ball Hockey league members
and thought it starts at 7 p.m.
Adam mentioned that the gym
is empty before that
so if people came earlier
things could get up and running

or you could just practice
your legal snap-shot
or my favorite... rush up the court
with an imaginary team facing you
and deek everyone out
so that by the time you are at centre
the JCC has transformed into
the Old Montreal Forum and
you playing centre for Team Canada.

I find that these hallucinations
are not just great for
my fragile patriotic ego but also
inspires me to try some truly
amazing moves and get a serious workout

you look up and people watching
from the track may well question
your stability and if you did it
out on bloor street
someone might lock you up

but throughout the skating rinks
of this fine land and now
on its basketball courts,
Canadians who have not had the opportunity
to play on Team Canada
alongside Gretsky and Lamieux,
Lafleur and Orr,
can address the injustice and
live those glorious moments...

the roar of the crowd can be deafening

yeah so thats what i do when
i'm there by myself
and if nobody shows up
i'll be doing it all night
and that's no good because
i may get stuck in that mindset

i love it but
too much fantasy
isn't healthy either

this is not a lot of advanced notice

and its just the beginning
and i hope Wednesday night pick-up
can pick-up some momentum quickly

its great to have at least five a side
good to go
each week

now thinking into the perhaps

a second league would be exciting
on Wednesdays.

a type of WHA or Wednesday Hockey Association,

i'd be in like Flint
cuz lets face it,
my body could easily use
a second day of exercise
and insanely glorious fun
each week

and league play is more
insanely glorious
than pick-up because
teams do gel and
we do start to learn the habits
of team-mates and
you do hit another level

not to put down pick-up because
it has its perks too like
its more mellow
so the play is more

but either way
i hope we can make Wednesday
another happenin' Ball Hockey night


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